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Tennis languished due to lack of interest, few players and not wanting to play on hard courts. As in most progressive communities, Kelly Greens has a "Long Range Planning Committee". They began to formulate a plan to renovate the golf course and club house building in the late nineties. The tennis community requested four state-of-the-art Har-Tru Hydro grid soft-surface courts to replace the three hard ones. When told that no one used the current courts, they said "build them and they will come".

And come they did. Today Kelly Greens boasts of five (5) women's and three (3) men's league teams. Our pro conducts weekly clinics for the teams, those interested in learning the game or just improving. During the "Season", a monthly social is held where the attendees enjoy a round-robin, food and drinks. Weekly drop-ins for women, men and mixed doubles are available.

The schedules

Together with sign-up forms, are located on the wall of the fitness center which is located next to the courts. The "Long Range Planning Committee" is still hard at work planning to improve all our facilities in future years. Due to the heavy use in peak season, they are considering options to provide additional soft courts. Tennis Committee Mission Statement "To promote and facilitate the game of tennis at Kelly Greens. To provide for increasing the enjoyment and skill level of the Kelly Greens players. To project a positive image of Kelly Greens to the Lee County tennis community."

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